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And On Top Of That I Moved!

The last time I wrote I talked about the adventure of a new business. Well, Trinity Tack & Feed is progressing nicely.

We are scheduled to open on Memorial weekend!  I’m so excited!  The floors are done, the place is starting to clean up nicely.  I am hiring help and even bought a new cash register – that I have to learn to actually program and use.

Well, as if life wasn’t exciting enough I went out and found an incredible house to rent.  I have been living with my mom and she is awesome!  But, I don’t know, I just felt this need to go!  It’s about 4 blocks from my store and an incredible find!  So, I packed up and hugged mom and moved last week.  So, there are boxes in my house and boxes in my store and I open in a little over a week from today!  Isn’t life an adventure? Hahaha.

Not to mention, I have several horses that like to be fed and go out into the pasture!  And since I represent a business now that helps the public to feed horses – I need to feed mine.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy.  But I love it.  Coffee is good and so is the chocolate!

So if you are in the KC area on Memorial weekend –  come to my opening – fun and fun to be had!!!  And if you are thinking of starting a small business I would love to chat about the adventure.

I love this saying – even though the beach isn’t any where near here – but the beach can be in our hearts – it’s in mine ——-


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