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ImageOur sign is up!  We have a logo and we just finished our Grand Opening! Ahhhh – big sigh of relief!

What got accomplished?  Well, I feel that this past weekend brought us several contacts.  People who now know we are here and what we carry.  They sure are friendly folk!  We now know to acquire chicken feed – many people have their own chickens and it seems to be a growing trend.  There is NOTHING like home grown eggs! Yummy.Image

We would like our business to be a place where friends (old and new) can come and enjoy a nice chat – even bring their dogs in – so bring pics of your pets and we’ll put them up.

And while you are here, check out our dog and cat supplies and horse needs.  We offer a natural/holistic approach to feeding your friends – giving them a well rounded diet so they live to their fullest.

This is definitely turning out to be a BIG adventure for me and I so appreciate my family and friends who are there to help me carry this vision out.  Their prayers are felt and their wisdom is received!  And I just LOVE the direction my life has turned! It IS a Wonderful Life!




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