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There are a ton of dog foods out there, but not all are considered equal.  So how can you determine which one is best for your dog or cat?  The answer usually lies in the ingredients label.

We all know dogs and cats are carnivores (they eat meat – and a lot of it).  So you want to make sure that the first/main ingredients on the label of your dog/cat food are, in fact, meat.  And not just any meat – you want the specific animal listed (we’ll go into why that is later).  Many commercial feeds will list corn or wheat as the main ingredient(s), because its a cheap source of carbohydrates, but dogs and cats are not designed to process those starches well, so most of it goes right through their systems. (Corn and wheat are also the top 2 food-related allergies in dogs.) At least 2 of the first 5 ingredients listed should be (specific) meat products.

Secondly, you want to be wary of the word “by-products”.  Those by-products are the parts of an animal labeled “unfit for human consumption” by the FDA – the waste parts of an animal.

And lastly, any meat ingredient that does not list the SPECIFIC animal (i.e. chicken, beef, turkey, etc) should be AVOIDED!  “Meat products” or “animal products” are items that can come from almost any kind of animal – including road kill, dead zoo animals, horses, etc..
So make SURE that your label lists each kind of meat they use.

Natural and holistic dog food companies pledge to use high quality ingredients without fillers and by-products.  Most typically avoid incorporating corn or wheat as a grain base, and meat is the number one ingredient.  They then go the extra mile to add beneficial nutrients without adding the unnecessary chemicals.

A well balanced and nutritious dog or cat food promotes better health, strong bones, fewer digestion problems, less waste, better breath, and an overall better quality of life for your pet!  Now who wouldn’t want that?


Meet “Glory”, the newest member of my family.

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Sweet Stalls

Hey All.  Here is a short interesting article about Horse Stalls.  Please feel free to read and click on the link from where I found this information.  Keeping our horses stalls clean and fresh is very important to their health and overall outlook.

If you smell ammonia in your horse stall, you have more than an odor problem; you have a health problem.  Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher is an all-natural, non-toxic and non-hazardous granular mineral that is specifically designed to eliminate harmful levels of ammonia in horse stalls, livestock barns and pet habitats.  It also absorbs moisture and helps keep bedding dry and performing better.  There is no masking scent or perfume cover-up added to Sweet PDZ.  It simply neutralizes and locks up ammonia gas and odors naturally, through mineral functions known as adsorption and cation exchange.  Stop ammonia from invading your stalls and harming your equine companions, and smell what prevention does for you by adding a little Sweet PDZ to your stalls.

StableManagement.com       http://www.sweetpdz.com/               Enjoy,  Ashley

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ImageOur sign is up!  We have a logo and we just finished our Grand Opening! Ahhhh – big sigh of relief!

What got accomplished?  Well, I feel that this past weekend brought us several contacts.  People who now know we are here and what we carry.  They sure are friendly folk!  We now know to acquire chicken feed – many people have their own chickens and it seems to be a growing trend.  There is NOTHING like home grown eggs! Yummy.Image

We would like our business to be a place where friends (old and new) can come and enjoy a nice chat – even bring their dogs in – so bring pics of your pets and we’ll put them up.

And while you are here, check out our dog and cat supplies and horse needs.  We offer a natural/holistic approach to feeding your friends – giving them a well rounded diet so they live to their fullest.

This is definitely turning out to be a BIG adventure for me and I so appreciate my family and friends who are there to help me carry this vision out.  Their prayers are felt and their wisdom is received!  And I just LOVE the direction my life has turned! It IS a Wonderful Life!



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Open for Business!!!

Trinity Tack and Feed opened for business last Friday!  Our “soft” opening.  This week has been amazing!  we went from this:

To this:

In one week!  Changed our mind from a regular cash register to The Square.  Changed prices I don’t know how many times. Dealt with broken air conditioner to no toilet paper to walking in circles to eating brownies and shouting over the train that comes by often.  Wait.  I’ve been here for one hour today and I haven’t heard or seen a train yet – or am I now officially use to it??? Haha.

This Friday is our Grand Opening, just in time for Lee’s Summit “Downtown Days” which happens every year at this time.  The quaint downtown area along the railroad tracks – which serves both Amtrak and freight trains – becomes a busy and fun-filled place for all ages.  You can see the Delorean from Back to the Future, ride on carnival rides and eat cotton candy, AND shop at Trinity Tack & Feed!  What more could you ask for?

I want so much for this business venture to reflect my heart and the king of my heart.  I want people to come and not only find the healthy feed and supplies for their pets but come and relax and enjoy the community.  Come and drink our coffee and tell us all about yourselves and your pets.

Meet some of our family:




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And On Top Of That I Moved!

The last time I wrote I talked about the adventure of a new business. Well, Trinity Tack & Feed is progressing nicely.

We are scheduled to open on Memorial weekend!  I’m so excited!  The floors are done, the place is starting to clean up nicely.  I am hiring help and even bought a new cash register – that I have to learn to actually program and use.

Well, as if life wasn’t exciting enough I went out and found an incredible house to rent.  I have been living with my mom and she is awesome!  But, I don’t know, I just felt this need to go!  It’s about 4 blocks from my store and an incredible find!  So, I packed up and hugged mom and moved last week.  So, there are boxes in my house and boxes in my store and I open in a little over a week from today!  Isn’t life an adventure? Hahaha.

Not to mention, I have several horses that like to be fed and go out into the pasture!  And since I represent a business now that helps the public to feed horses – I need to feed mine.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy.  But I love it.  Coffee is good and so is the chocolate!

So if you are in the KC area on Memorial weekend –  come to my opening – fun and fun to be had!!!  And if you are thinking of starting a small business I would love to chat about the adventure.

I love this saying – even though the beach isn’t any where near here – but the beach can be in our hearts – it’s in mine ——-

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Here We Go!

Welcome to Trinity Tack & Feed.  I feel as though I’m on a brand new “ride”.  I felt a strong desire recently that I should make available natural feed and tack supplies to those interested.  Well, next thing I knew I rented a storefront in an old grain mill and am scheduled to open in May.  MAY!  That’s really soon.  I’m trying not to panic and so far so good.  The key to that, you ask?  Lot’s of prayer and I am surrounded by really good family and friends to keep me focused.  I love that.  I can’t do it alone – I have certain skills and my people have the skills that I lack.

On the pages I write I hope to encourage you to jump on into your destiny.  I’ve found that what I think my destiny is may be a bit off-center.  Usually I only see partially what I am to do.  As I step out I begin to see other pieces to the bigger puzzle start to fall into place and I begin to see a clearer picture.  Isn’t life exciting???  Don’t take it wrong – it’s down right scary too! LOL

Come and join me on this new life adventure.  I look forward to taking many of you with me.

I’m going to eat some chocolate now.


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