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Eucalyptus – An Oil of Many Talents

 Take A Deep Breath… It’s a crisp, cool morning.  You step outside, maybe with your cup of tea or coffee,  wanting to inhale that pure, sweet air until you can almost taste it.  You take a deep, soul cleansing breath…and you go on a coughing fit that spills your morning elixir of choice down your […]


There are a ton of dog foods out there, but not all are considered equal.  So how can you determine which one is best for your dog or cat?  The answer usually lies in the ingredients label. We all know dogs and cats are carnivores (they eat meat – and a lot of it).  So […]


Our sign is up!  We have a logo and we just finished our Grand Opening! Ahhhh – big sigh of relief! What got accomplished?  Well, I feel that this past weekend brought us several contacts.  People who now know we are here and what we carry.  They sure are friendly folk!  We now know to […]